David Cameron takes remain campaign to housing development

Prime Minister David Cameron spent the final day of campaigning ahead of the EU Referendum visiting Crest Nicholson’s Tadpole Garden Village development in Wiltshire, to argue the importance of remaining in the EU to ensure a stable housing market in the UK. June 22, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
David Cameron takes remain campaign to housing development

Cameron was accompanied by Minister of State for Housing and MP for Great Yarmouth, Brandon Lewis. Crest Nicholson CEO Stephen Stone and Tadpole Garden Village Project Manager Alan Blandford greeted the ministers following their arrival on the Remain campaign’s ‘Stronger in Europe’ bus.

Brandon Lewis MP said, “The job of politicians is to do everything we can to help people get on in life – to buy that first home, providing stability and a place to raise a family. Crest Nicholson’s development here in Wiltshire is a fantastic example of the homes we’re working together to build and the investment that would be put at risk if we leave the EU.  Families are better off in Europe, and they can’t afford a vote to leave.”

Stephen Stone, CEO of Crest Nicholson, said, “Government support has brought much needed stability to the housing market. The industry has responded by growing volumes and creating many highly-skilled jobs, apprenticeships and new career opportunities for young people. Homebuyers have confidence of future employment and easy access to mortgages, which helps them come to the decision to buy a new home. This is the housing environment today and anything which undermines it – including Brexit – would not be welcomed and could force us to revisit our investment decisions.”

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