Where are housebuilding sales and marketing specialists most needed?

August 7, 2017 / Keith Osborne
Where are housebuilding sales and marketing specialists most needed?

Recruitment company One Way has analysed the new homes industry and found the five areas currently in most need of sales and marketing staff.

With pressure on the housebuilding industry to increase output, it’s not just the trades that are required as new homes providers gear up production. As well as the big national brands, small and medium-sized companies in particular are expected to play an increasing part in reaching some ambitious targets.

Here’s what the One Way research found are the five areas with the most urgent need for new homes sales and marketing.


Some of the UK’s biggest housebuilders are working on multiple sites in this county, among them Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpey and Bovis Homes.

“Up to 18,000 new homes are set to be built in Bedfordshire in a major development comprised of four new villages east of Biggleswade, a new settlement near Tempsford and up to 2,000 individual homes near Arlesey,” says Paul Payne, managing director of One Way. “These are completely new developments in an area of the country with relatively few commercial hubs driving employment so firms are urgently seeking specialists to help get these new builds off the market.”

Inverness and the Highlands

With the Scottish government aiming for 50,000 ‘affordable’ homes by 2021 in addition to many more for the private market, housebuilders and housing associations are going to be very busy over the next few years.

“[The] programme at Stratton will involve a total of 2,050 new properties being erected in central Inverness across two phases. Inverness is a growing city and the new development will incorporate £10m worth of affordable housing,” says Payne. “It’s financed, in part, through the Highland Infrastructure Fund which has been specifically set up to support the construction of housing across the Highlands and will require the skills of a wide range of flexible sales and marketing experts.”


The South West has a broad mix of urban and rural places where development is taking place currently. It also remains a popular option with retirees looking for new build properties from specialists such as Churchill Retirement Living.

Payne remarks: “One of the single biggest developments will take place in Cornwall, where more than 27,000 new homes will be erected, with a further 25,000 scheduled for construction before 2030. The majority of new builds will cover ten towns including Penzance and Newquay and a further 2,000 will be built in the new eco-communities at West Carglaze and Par Docks.”


In addition to the national brands such as Barratt Homes, there are a host of smaller, regional builders such as Foreman Homes and Pennyfarthing Homes are bringing a wide range of properties to the market in this diverse county.

“Rather than one major development, Hampshire has benefitted from a spread of activity across the county with a range of projects currently underway or about to be given the green light,” comments Payne. “These include building programmes at Colden Common – where 150 new homes are planned – and Fareham on the former site of the college which should drive significant demand for sales and marketing skills.”


The West Midlands property market is doing well, with Birmingham’s revived city centre a major attraction and the prospect of High Speed 2 exciting some. Agents such as Connells are representing more and more large and small housebuilders in the region.

“The Soho Loop project was given the green light almost two years ago, but no activity has taken place thus far,” says Payne about one major planned site. “However, that’s about to change as a joint venture between two developers has bought out previous landowner, City and Provincial Properties, and is in the process of building up to 800 new homes on the site off Dudley Road in west Birmingham. This is a major project for the city and housebuilders are on the lookout for the right sales and marketing specialists to help them get the homes off the market.”

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