What 1.4 billion bricks can build

August 25, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
What 1.4 billion bricks can build

According to a new study, it will take 1.4 billion bricks to solve the housing crisis; but is there a better (or funnier) use for them?

The 1.4 billion bricks deficit could in theory build several of the UK’s famous landmarks several times over, including:

  • 740 Big Bens


Imagine ringing in the New Year!

  • 40 Tower Bridges


We would have less houses… But also less traffic…

  • 3,090 Manchester Town Halls

ASCII 30 images, Size: 9616 x 7926, FOV: 114.09 x 83.02, RMS: 2.88, Lens: Standard, Projection: Planar, Color: LDR

How’s that for a Northern powerhouse?

  • 4,540 Warwick Castles


Just in case the Midlands gets any ideas…

  • 5,830 Conwy Castles


I’m sure modern royals would appreciate the privacy!

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