Uber announces first tie up with build to rent developer

May 30, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
Uber announces first tie up with build to rent developer

Uber and Moda Living, a build to rent developer, have announced a prop-tech tie up to cut car ownership and change the way people rent homes across the UK’s largest cities.

The first collaboration of its kind in Britain will offer tenants up to £100 Uber credits per month if they agree not to have a car parking space in the building. Using Moda Living’s bespoke app, residents will simply press a button and get a ride.

Because Moda Living is a build to rent developer it has to think about how the buildings will be used long into the future.

The prop-tech partnership could be rolled out in cities across the world. By partnering with Uber, Moda Living is hoping to create more sustainable developments as city leaders tackle the challenge of building millions of homes while also reducing emissions.

There are around 30 million cars in the UK – and 95% of the time these cars remain parked and unused, taking up valuable space on the street or in car parks. By helping to reduce the need to own a private car, the partnership’s aim is to put urban space to better use and reduce congestion and air pollution over time. In London Uber also offers UberPOOL where riders can share a car with someone heading the same way, helping to further reduce miles travelled.

Jo Bertram, Regional General Manager of Uber in the UK, said, “Cars are one of the most expensive assets most people own, but they’re used just five per cent of the time. Our mission is for everybody to have a reliable ride at the touch of a button so they don’t need their own car. These plans for what will be a unique partnership with Moda Living is a big step forward in making that a reality. By getting more people to ditch their own vehicles we can put some of the space wasted on parking to much better use. And with more people using car sharing options like UberPOOL we can reduce congestion and emissions too.”

Johnny Caddick, Managing Director of Moda Living, said, “Our apartments are for rent rather than for sale so we need to consider how our customers will live in cities in the future. Embracing future technology is vital from day one and these plans for a partnership with Uber would not only give our customers an affordable ride at the touch of a button – it would also enable us to design better buildings with more space for social interaction. Everyone wants a more frictionless life and Uber’s model fully aligns with our approach of wanting to drive efficiency and maximise value for our customers.”

Richard Jackson, co-founder and managing director of Apache Capital Partners, added, “Cities face huge challenges that can only be solved through collaboration. This proptech partnership around cutting car ownership is one logical step to free up space and cut emissions. Uber’s endorsement of the Moda Living brand sends a clear message to civic leaders that we are ready and willing to help improve not only the lives of renters but also the communities around the buildings we invest in.”

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