Survey reveals how public think new homes will evolve

June 25, 2018 / Isla MacFarlane
Survey reveals how public think new homes will evolve

A survey by the LSL New Homes Index has revealed how homeowners think their house will evolve over the years.


The rise of home working and self-employment has meant that our homes are increasingly places of work and leisure. Currently 29% of home workers have a dedicated work space, with 32% working from their living room and 15% working from their bedrooms. Almost 70% of homeworkers used a laptop, reflecting the reduced popularity of desktop computers. 64% believed that home working would increase in the future.

Homes in five years’ time

With the proliferation of in-home technologies such as Hive, Amazon Echo and Google Home it is perhaps surprising that only 26% believed that these devices would be present in all of our homes. 27% thought that smart screens and TVs capable of making video calls would feature throughout their homes.

Homes in 10 years’ time

In the next decade continued demands on the electricity network are predicted to increase demand sustainability solutions such as solar power. 25% of people believed that the electricity would struggle to meet energy demands. Almost 20% believe that our homes will be substantially constructed from sustainable materials such as solar panels, storm resistant technology and recyclable building materials.

Homes in 20 years’ time

Currently, 19% felt that their homes were already fairly crowded, often containing family members from several generations. However, 38% believed that this situation would only worsen over the next 20 years.

Equally, 30% thought that our homes would be getting more crowded, necessitating even more use of multipurpose rooms and spaces. So, in the future we may see taller buildings, with more use of loft space, basements, more open plan areas and increased use of garden outbuildings.

With a number of companies currently developing concepts such as 3D printed homes and modular construction, it is likely that innovative building techniques will increasingly influence design.

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