So where is the Housing White Paper?

Sources say its publication date has been shifted back for the third time January 27, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
So where is the Housing White Paper?

We have been teased about the Housing White Paper since September when communities secretary Sajid Javid and housing minister Gavin Barwell suggested the document would be released before the end of the year.

Come December, the government let slip that it would not be ready until January. Now January is almost over, and sources are suggesting that the government is still struggling to agree on the finer points of the document.

When we contacted the DGLC, we were simply told that the paper would be published “soon”.

“After pushback from November 2016, we believe the White Paper on Housing policy may be further delayed,” said a recent report from Deutsche Bank. “We now believe publication is more likely in February rather than the indicated January, with the Paper yet to go for sign-off as the government push the DCLG to be more challenging.”

“We continue to believe that the White Paper will be largely planning focused, but while likely to be generally supportive to housebuilders may contain both positive and negative implications,” said Deutsche Bank, adding that the perception of risk the publication is creating could impact investors timing in the sector.

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