Six modular housing factories set to open across UK

December 19, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
Six modular housing factories set to open across UK

A new joint venture funded by the China National Building Material Company could produce up to 25,000 homes a year.

The agreement was struck between Your Housing Group and Welink Group, and includes access to CNBM technology and further funds. The joint venture will build up to six factories across the UK, which will produce up to 25,000 homes per year, making it the UK’s leading modular housing developer.

“YHG is committed to providing innovative solutions to address the availability crisis which affects the housing sector in the UK today,” said Brian Cronin, CEO of Your Housing Group. “This is an opportunity for YHG to get back to building more social and affordable homes across a wider geography of the UK, it also ensures new types of employment, new building skills, and the nurturing of additional apprenticeship opportunities are available, which can only be good news for local people and businesses where we develop our housing and supply chains.”

The housing groups plan to engage with local authorities and housing associations to speed up the delivery of much-needed new homes. The new venture also aims to support local businesses by developing supply and delivery chains that source materials and labour locally.

“Our focus as a business has always been about building and maintaining communities through the development of good housing, creation of jobs and servicing the needs of all of our customers,” said Mark Tattersall, Chair of Your Housing Group. “This announcement brings further investment, opportunities and new homes to our region that will generate a welcomed positive impact in our communities when it is needed most.”

The new joint venture will operate separately to YHG’s core division, and won’t impact housing management or services.

PHOTO CREDIT: Riverview Homes Inc.

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