Showdown for Bellway sales couple

July 7, 2017 / Keith Osborne
Showdown for Bellway sales couple

A couple who both work for Bellway Homes are currently engaged in a (friendly) showdown, as they are performing neck-and-neck in a sales ‘race’ at new homes sites in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Colin Waring and Kay Baker work at different sites for the national housebuilder, with Kay at Tickford Mews in Newport Pagnell and her husband based at Saxon Meadows in Bicester, both in Bellway’s Northern Home Counties division.

Kay says: “It’s a good healthy rivalry. The sites we both work at have been running parallel to each other as the sales cabins opened at the same time, and the show homes opened at the same time. We both want to win.” Colin adds: “Kay takes it a bit more seriously than me. Every time she makes a sale she will call me or send me a text to rub it in, whereas I prefer to wait for the right moment to casually drop it in to a conversation.”

The couple’s professional rivalry began three years ago when Kay moved to Bellway, taken on to look after the Willow Green site in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, where the couple eventually bought a home of their own, adding to Kay’s revenue total.

Kay explains: “We had been talking about moving for some time and we knew there was only going to be one builder for us – Bellway. It’s strange to think that I know all 94 households on the development – there’s certainly a lot of waving!”

Kay says of Colin: “[He] is so bubbly and talkative, but above all, he will bend over backwards for the customer. He is really friendly and he sells because people get to like him.”

Colin says of Kay, who came into the housebuilding industry from a background in retail management: “Kay is the ultimate professional and the friendliest person you are ever likely to meet. She is genuine, completely open, doesn’t do confrontation, and a great ambassador for Bellway, and that’s a nice quality. I would buy from her – in fact, technically, I did!”

Bellway has been operating for 70 years and now employ some 2,000 people at sites across the UK, and currently has a capacity to build 11,000 new homes annually.

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