RIBA sets out new five-year strategy

RIBA July 1, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
RIBA sets out new five-year strategy

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today (Thursday 30 June) published its strategic plan for the next five years, prioritising the significant reinvention and reinvigoration of its engagement with and support for members.

‘Advancing Architecture: RIBA’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2020’ is built around three pillars – ‘a strong profession’, ‘a strong voice’ and ‘a strong organisation’ – underpinned by clear, focused actions:


We will help our members engage with the challenges and opportunities of a changing world, lead and support the highest professional and ethical standards and facilitate collaboration, research and innovation. We will ensure that our profession thrives by attracting the best and most diverse talent with access to the education, knowledge and skills to succeed.


We will ensure that architecture and architects are better understood and valued by clients, policy-makers, the media, the public and a growing network of supporters. We will do this through advocacy and engagement based on our collections, cultural programmes, evidence-base and the expertise of architects.


We will grow our membership base and ensure that our business model supports our vision, purpose and strategy. We will do this by engaging talented and committed staff, enhancing the value of our offer to members and others, generating diverse and sustainable sources of income and striving for operational excellence.

Speaking today, RIBA President Jane Duncan said, “Our previous five year strategy guided us well at a time when the construction industry was struggling to recover from the recession. Our strategic priorities then were focused on inspiring the broadest audience to engage with architecture, whilst supporting our members to grasp the opportunities emerging from the economic changes. Over the period, the RIBA and our members achieved greater influence, nationally and locally, than ever before.

“In this next five year phase our members will be firmly at centre stage. The role of the architect is in huge transition, facing an ever-shifting regulatory environment and increasingly global and competitive marketplace. Our new strategy will help our members to engage with this changing world and have access to the knowledge, skills and networks to thrive.”

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