Property consultant upbeat on UK’s post-Brexit construction sector

November 29, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
Property consultant upbeat on UK’s post-Brexit construction sector

One of the UK’s leading construction and property consultancies, Thomas & Adamson, believes despite the negative outlook among many for the construction sector in 2018, plenty of opportunities remain in a post-Brexit UK.

“The outcome of Brexit for the construction industry will ultimately depend on the terms of any Brexit deal and the industry’s ability to adapt to its new situation and capitalise upon that,” said Chris Narrowmore, Partner at Thomas & Adamson.

He added, “We expected a downtown on the back of Brexit, but it hasn’t kicked in fully across the UK yet. There are still real opportunities out there. The main concern is how UK-based major funds will be looking to place investment. This could initially mean more outward investment rather than into the UK. That said, we have seen a fair amount of foreign investment in 2017 – especially into the UK student accommodation market.”

While forecasters at trade body ConstructionProducts Association believe the sector will expand just 0.7% in 2018, the slowest rate in six years, it remains positive about the overall construction output growth for 2017, which they expect to be 0.3% higher than previously thought, at 1.6%, beating the CPA’s previous estimate of 1.3%.

Senior Partner at Thomas & Adamson, Alastair Wallace, said: “Although uncertainty has the potential to derail the industry in the short term, the construction sector has a unique opportunity in a post-Brexit world to market itself.”

He added, “It must clearly define what a prosperous post-Brexit construction sector looks like. We cannot wait on politicians to determine the sector’s success. The construction sector’s players need to take the market by the horns and push ahead. Economists are talking about a decline in construction, but this really is more attributed to big infrastructure projects. There are still a lot of opportunities outside of government-funded projects and that’s what we as a company are focusing on.”

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