New plans underway to close housebuilding skills gap

The Board of the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBP) has met for the first time to start work on plans to attract and train tens of thousands of new workers. June 13, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
New plans underway to close housebuilding skills gap

Britain’s ambition to build 200,000 homes a year will be crippled without a new generation of talent to design and build them. The most recent ONS figures show 20,000 vacancies across the industry, pointing to an acute recruitment crisis.

Against this backdrop, the Board of the Home Building Skills Partnership aims to develop a new wave of housebuilders. The board is being led by Redrow Homes CEO John Tutte, and comprises a group of leaders from across the housebuilding sector. The HBP aims to develop, grow and sustain a programme to provide the workforce that the industry desperately needs.

“The Board, made up of representatives from house builders, warranty providers, training and trade bodies will guide and direct the partnership and define its operational parameters and priorities,” a statement said. “It will also oversee the recruitment of a dedicated team that, in collaboration with the wider supply chain, will drive forward the initiatives on a day-to-day basis.”

Over its first four years, HSP programmes aim to engage with over 3,500 companies, more than 40,000 workers and some 180 colleges and training providers.

HSP Board Chairman John Tutte said, “The house building industry is totally committed to increasing output and meeting the housing needs of the country. The Partnership will help us attract and train the people we need to deliver more, high quality homes in the coming years. The broad experience of the Board we have recruited will help us put in place the building blocks we need to succeed. Over the coming years the Partnership will help secure tens of thousands of skilled employees for house builders and the wider industry who will help us solve the housing crisis we now face. More quality people will enable us to deliver more quality homes.”

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