Builders called to showcase out-of-this-world designs

Insurance specialist launches web series that showcases Britain’s most extraordinary construction achievements July 25, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
Builders called to showcase out-of-this-world designs

The structural defects insurance specialist launched its new web series by going where no other insurance expert has gone before and sending their logo into space. The space launch, which can be viewed on CRL’s YouTube channel, “aims to inspire the fellow venturous, brave and unorthodox to share the details of their venturous builds with CRL for a chance to have their project featured on the online show,” the company said in a statement.

CRL is inviting builders, architects and developers to submit their ‘venturous builds’ over the summer, for the chance to appear on the web series. The filming of these unique projects will then take place, with the first episode of Venturous Builds going live early Autumn, hosted by English designer and regeneration expert Wayne Hemingway.

CRL chief executive Steve Mansour said, “CRL is looking for the one-offs, the inspiring, the ingenious construction projects to feature in our Venturous Builds web series. If you’re the person who is courageous enough to think outside the box then we would love to hear what makes your project remarkable.

“We are looking for those who have approached their project in a unique or imaginative way – not just those with interesting or unusual buildings. We are delighted to have secured Wayne Hemingway as the host for Venturous Builds. Wayne’s commitment to innovation really embodies the spirit of CRL and our new web series.

“CRL does not shy away from arranging insurance for unusual projects, covering new builds, complete or partially completed builds, timber frame constructions, prefabricated properties, mixed-use projects, conversions and insolvent properties.

“We recognise that every opportunity is different. With CRL there are no tick boxes and no set criteria – just an appetite for adventure.”

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