HCA to bring 740 hectares of land to market by 2017

Together with the 360 hectares of land currently on the market, the available sites could support the delivery of 8,000 new homes June 20, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
HCA to bring 740 hectares of land to market by 2017

The HCA has updated its Homes and Communities Agency Land Development and Disposal Plan June 2016 (LDDP), which provides an overview of the landholdings that the HCA expects to bring forward for development and/or disposal over the next 12 months (that is, up to the end of 2017 to 2018 – quarter 1).

The LDDP details over 360 hectares of land currently on the market, and a further 740 hectares of land we intend to bring to market by 2017. The sites are intended to support a mix of residential and commercial development. While the capacity of those suitable for housing will vary according to a number of factors, the sites available could support the future delivery of over 8,000 new homes, which will contribute to the government’s ambition to release land with the capacity for 160,000 by 2020.

Alongside sites with housing or commercial development potential or investment opportunities, the HCA’s portfolio also includes residuary liabilities such as public open space, structural landscaping, woodland and infrastructure such as roads or watercourses. Some of these landholdings have very limited potential use, e.g. grass verges; but others, for example sites intended for use as open space following reclamation, may be subject to a range of potential options around end use including for sustainable energy generation.

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