Construction industry votes for Richard Branson

May 18, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
Construction industry votes for Richard Branson

According to the Construction Week’s General Election survey, Sir Richard Branson was named ‘the best person’ to head up new UK infrastructure projects.

With over 1,000 responses from a cross section of professionals working in the sector, the top results show that 77% believe state intervention is needed for more housing, and 54% of those polled calling for more housebuilding on brownfield sites.

Over 1,000 construction professionals were polled to uncover and tackle issues facing construction, housebuilding and skills in the run up to the General Election. Key points from the survey include:

  • Sir Richard Branson is named as ‘the best person’ to head up new UK infrastructure projects;
  • 77% believe state intervention is needed for more housing;
  • 38% want Gavin Barwell to retain his position as Housing Minister;
  • 54% call for more housebuilding on brownfield sites.

Further results show a three way split on the government’s current housing policy with a third of those polled voting both for and against current policies, and a third not convinced either way.

Over half of those surveyed (54%) called for the next elected government to be more aggressive with planning permissions on brownfield sites to enable house building. Only 11% voted to loosen Green Belt restrictions, dispelling the myth that the construction industry wants to build on protected land.

Although the industry isn’t wholly satisfied with current housing policy, Gavin Barwell was voted overwhelmingly in favour as the best man for the job of Housing Minister, with the next name suggested, Boris Johnson, only receiving a quarter of the number of nominations. Labour’s John Healey, previous Housing Minister under the Labour government, was the third suggestion.

77% of those surveyed believe the only way to reach 1 million homes by 2020 is by state intervention, and for a council house building programme to begin.

For infrastructure, there was a two way split between Vince Cable and Sir Richard Branson who were both voted as the best people to lead UK infrastructure projects, followed by Sir Alan Sugar and Sir James Dyson. A clear indication the industry feels it needs entrepreneurial visionaries to successfully take projects forward to 2021.

Nathan Garnett, Event Director at Media 10, which runs UKCW, said, “We have seen a great deal of talk around housing and infrastructure in this general election campaign so far, so I think that the main political parties should take note of this industry wide survey. It shows that there are still a lot more assurances and interventions needed to build the homes we need and the infrastructure we have been promised. We will be using these results to make sure the main political parties know what the industry wants, and one clear message is that innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour cannot happen without government assistance.”

Sir Richard Branson was voted the best person to spearhead new UK infrastructure projects, such as HS2 and Heathrow Airport, signalling a need for more entrepreneurial vision in tackling large scale projects.

Sir Richard Branson said, “I’m very flattered by the survey. The only danger is that if I oversaw these key infrastructure projects then by the time I’ve finished there would only be room for one airline and one train company, both beginning with the letter V! The key thing one needs to get right is to plan these major projects with the customer’s needs in mind. Too often these are planned by engineers for engineers and fail to meet the user’s demand. This means they are underused and fail to have the major impact they should do.”


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