Career progression for ambitious 21-year-old at Fairview New Homes

October 31, 2017 / Keith Osborne
Career progression for ambitious 21-year-old at Fairview New Homes

At the age of just 21, Sam Hall has recently been appointed as a trainee assistant site manager by Fairview New Homes, a first step towards the role he really wants in the housebuilding industry.

Sam is aiming for the senior site manager job later in his career, and is mixing considerable on-site experience with a degree in construction management at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.

Currently working at the housebuilder’s Lexicon development in Harrow on the Hill, Sam began his Fairview career at the developer’s Enfield head office, where his role involved regular site visits to a company project – Edition in Colindale – which inspired his desire to work on the developments themselves.

Sam says: “I never thought I would work on a building site but I absolutely love it. I used to do the build programmes for new sites when I was based at head office and I would visit the site in Colindale every week. That gave me a real feel for what it’s like to work on site and that’s when I realised it was for me.

“The job is so varied and you learn something new every day. I do regular tours of the site to make sure everything is in order, I’ve done a lot of brick schedules recently –ensuring we have all the building materials we need – and I’ve also been updating the traffic management plans.

“What I enjoy the most is visualising the build programme and foreseeing the next steps.”

His success has been considerable, having achieved a first in his studies and also being rewarded by Fairview for best personal performance in first year of building management, which indicate that Sam has every chance of fulfilling his housebuilding career ambition.

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