K Hayter Associates

Contact: Kathryn Hayter

Innovation Centre
1 Devon Way
Longbridge Technology Park
B31 2TS
United Kingdom

Tel: 0121 369 0094

Email: talktous@khayterassociates.com

About K Hayter Associates

In a market where there is a shortage of not just good, but great people - with the right skill set and experience - we understand how important it is to partner with a recruitment firm who have expert knowledge of the industry and the people within it.    

Our team have a proven track record (and a pretty good reputation we like to think!) helping clients to search and identify ‘top notch’ industry professionals across all disciplines from graduate to board level as well as mentoring our candidates to assist them in finding their next juicy role. 

We are genuinely and unmistakably passionate about the work we do, the people we work with and the industry. We pride ourselves on being ethical  - which means absolutely no headhunting from clients we work with and no forwarding candidate details to a third party without a full brief and the ‘go ahead’ from you. We like to do a ‘proper job’, we absolutely love speaking to people, finding out their goals, what they are about (from both a business and personal level) and identifying the very best match for both our clients and candidates. 

KHA understand that employing the right person is vital to your business (and the wrong one can be so very detrimental) and that for those looking, your next role has an effect on your whole life, not just your career but from a personal perspective. 

We like to get to know those we work with - both clients and candidates. We work hard at building long term working relationships and can promise straight talking advice, expert knowledge of the industry, confidentiality and great customer service with some personality!


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