Top five ‘must haves’ for family homes

May 8, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
Top five ‘must haves’ for family homes

Natural light is the most important thing to consider for a family home, according to a recent survey.

The poll of 25–44 year olds in the UK also showed that a large garden is thought of as crucial for creating a good family environment.

The research from Origin, a manufacturer of aluminium bi-folding and residential doors, windows and blinds, asked 500 people what they see as fundamental features for comfortable family living.

The survey revealed the top five ‘must haves’ to be:

1. Natural light within the rooms (26.4%)
2. A large safe garden (19.8%)
3. Open plan kitchen/diner (16.2%)
4. Downstairs toilet (15.8%)
5. A separate lounge (12.4%)

Easy access to the garden from inside was also cited by 7.2% of respondents, while 2.2% stated ‘other’.

Of those asked, more than a quarter (26.4%) placed natural light as their top consideration, with just less than one in five (19.8%) citing a large safe garden.

Age played a significant part in how the votes were cast, with 29% of the older respondents (35–44) placing natural light at the top, compared with 23.9% of those aged 25 to 34.

The younger audience seemed split on what they found most important, with 22.4% claiming garden size was the crucial factor. The 35-to-44 group showed a clearer split, with just 17% voting for a garden as their number one consideration.

Neil Ginger, CEO and founder of Origin, said, “Light in the home creates a feeling of space and freedom. These aspects are important when bringing up young children. As more and more people choose to renovate their homes rather than move, the decision to create areas where more light can enter the home is becoming ever more popular. Installing new, large doors and windows is one solution to a problem that this survey shows is increasingly important to homeowners.”

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