Top 10 flooring materials

August 5, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
Top 10 flooring materials

The best flooring trends of 2016 that will kiss the ground your buyers walk on.

Textured brick

Although not the obvious choice for a floor, designers have been turning tradition upside down and laying bricks as flooring. It turns out this durable, versatile material was wasted just on roofs. Bricks can create intricate patterns, contemporary mosaics or a rustic, homely feel.

Luxury vinyl

There was a time when luxury vinyl was an oxymoron, however advancements in technology have made it a sustainable, comfortable choice. A rainbow of new shades entered the market this year, giving retro-lovers more choice than ever.

Reclaimed wood

Vintage is back. Again. Buyers of new homes often hanker after the character of an old building, and reclaimed wood is the perfect, environmentally-friendly floor that will make a new home one-of-a-kind.

Glass tiles

For a floor fit for a luxury spa, glass is increasingly seen shimmering on the floors of bathrooms in new homes. Another eco-friendly choice, they take half the energy to produce compared to ceramic tiles and can easily be made from recyclable materials.

Oversized tiles

Tiles have enjoyed a growth spurt in recent years, and not just in volume. Tiles now exceeding 40×120 inches are not uncommon. With less grout to clean and the illusion of more space, it’s easy to understand their growing popularity.


Once the preserve of eco buyers, recent innovations have spurred the popularity of this green flooring. Now more durable than ever, bamboo is inching towards the mainstream thanks to its natural beauty and variety.


Cork is bamboo’s greatest rival in sustainable flooring, and often wins due to the fact that the production of bamboo remains unregulated. Cork has other advantages, including its cellular structure which makes it a softer, warmer choice for comfort-lovers.


Once the choice of developers to iron out uneven floors, concrete is now desired for its ability to reflect light and retain heat. It’s also a low maintenance choice, being easy-to-clean and virtually indestructible.

Poured resin floor

More forgiving than concrete, poured resin floors have the same durability with a warm, soft touch. Sleek and sturdy, it’s no its popularity has been sealed.


Having clothed the ground for several millennia and featured in countless fairy tales, carpets have evolved over the centuries to keep up with modern standards. Over the last few years, wool and thin manmade fibre have made carpets softer than ever. Beige has been beaten out of carpets in 2016; the latest trend is big, bold designs that tell your buyer’s story.

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