Is it time to change your job?

April 15, 2018 / Keith Osborne
Is it time to change your job?

However long you’ve been in your job, and however much you’ve enjoyed it, there may come a time when you feel it’s no longer the one for you and that you should move on.

With the help of specialist recruitment agency TDM, we take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that it’s the right time to look for that next career step.

You’ve started hating every workday

This is more than the ‘Monday blues’ – if every morning brings the dread of turning up to your job, it really is time to look for job satisfaction elsewhere.

You feel bored and unchallenged

Your current role may have been challenging when you started it, but it’s a good idea to find a more satisfying job if that learning process has come to an end and you do the same monotonous thing every day, or been overlooked for a better position or new project by your current employer.

You’ve lost drive and ambition

When you started your current job, you may have had your eye on the boss’s job. If that drive for promotion within your team has disappeared, your ambition may return when you join a new one.

Opportunity for progression has disappeared

Even if the organisation is doing well and new jobs are being created, if you feel you should be considered for them but you’re not being given the chance to progress, it’s probably time to look to take a step forward somewhere else.

Your skills and ideas are being ignored

You may have an impressive skill set, and the creativity and nous to see ways your team could do things better, but if the people you work for don’t seem to know or care about that, there’s a good chance you’ll find they will be elsewhere.

You’ve already started your job search

If you’ve begun casually paying attention to ads in trade magazines or recruitment websites, and signing up to alerts, then it’s time to admit that time’s up where you are and take the opportunity to move more seriously.

You no longer fit in

However well you slotted in when you arrived, there may have been changes to personnel or company culture that has made you feel sidelined or uncomfortable – good reasons for searching earnestly for a role where you fit in and feel part of the team.

A change to the company

Maybe it’s the industry you’re in, or perhaps just the company you work for, but if there are major changes to the product or the way it’s run that make you feel unhappy, it’s worth checking out that you can get away from those issues in a new role.

It’s all going downhill

If things looked doomed and the ship is sinking, you should avoid going down with it by preparing that CV right now and applying for a job in a more successful environment.

You’re prepared for change

If you’re generally rather resistant to change but find yourself far more keen to change jobs or even career – as long as other elements of your life can remain stable and familiar – then it sounds like it’s the right time to follow your instincts and look for something new to settle into.


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