Having problems hiring? Tell us about it!

March 9, 2017 / Isla MacFarlane
Having problems hiring? Tell us about it!

Having problems hiring the right staff? It’s hardly surprising. Britain must recruit 400,000 new workers each year to meet the nation’s construction needs, according to the latest research. This equates to one every 77 seconds, independent of any potential Brexit effect.

A separate analysis estimates that the housebuilding sector needs to recruit 700,000 more people to plug the gap left by those retiring or moving on, plus an extra 120,000 if the government’s aim to build one million new homes by 2020 is to be achieved.

These figures, though truly shocking, are nothing new. The skills crisis has been hogging headlines for years; however, we would like to provide some real insight into the difficulties housebuilders are facing.

Take our survey on recruitment and help us broadcast how the skills crisis is affecting your business right now, and what you need to get the right people on board.

In April, Show House will be launching a recruitment website for housebuilders and suppliers, giving the industry its most relevant platform to recruit staff across the skill sets and disciplines.

As well as the latest jobs, the recruitment platform will inform and engage the next generation of industry talent, encouraging young people into housebuilding and highlighting the wealth of opportunities in the sector, be it for apprentices, school-leavers, graduates, or as a career change.

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