Four colour trends for 2018

January 31, 2018 / Isla MacFarlane
Four colour trends for 2018

With the help of, Apollo Blinds and Style Studio, we foresee four distinct colour trends for 2018:

TREND #1. Intense/Synthetic Colours

Ultra Violet

“Pantone’s electrifying colour of the year sent shockwaves through a nation acclimatised to neutral and natural colour codes,” said Lorna McAleer, interiors expert at Style Studio. “It signifies a seismic movement in the way we decorate our homes; grounded tones will still be in demand in 2018 but artificial shades that embrace technology are set to lead the way to a brighter future!


“Think Barbie pink as fake as they make!

Electric Blue

“Energise drab interiors with a shocking blue that’s perfect for livewires!

Tech Tangerine

“Plug into the latest orange updates – but there’s nothing natural about these vivid hues.

Futuristic Colour Combos

“Alternatively combine intense colours for a futuristic feel.”

 TREND #2. Warm Neutrals

Mike Stephen, Design Director at Apollo Blinds, said, “Things are warming up for 2018 with cool, grey-based neutrals making way for warm and metallic neutral shades; introduce rich tones of caramel, tan, tobacco, mocha and burgundy for a look that’s homely, welcoming and really easy to live with.”

Heart Wood 

“This light, versatile shade can be considered as the new neutral for 2018, as it’s so easy to find colours to match with its dusky undertones.  It’s a colour that’s certainly causing a stir amongst our customers.

Metallic Neutrals

Mike said, “Neutral doesn’t have to mean dull – in fact neutrals will be all aglow in 2018. And Pantone’s colour experts even suggest that metallics have become the new neutral for homes.”

“Rose gold, copper, brass and gold have the warming undertones needed to achieve an on-trend look in homes this year.”


Having fallen out of favour in recent years, tempting chocolate, caramel and mocha tones are back in abundance for 2018.”

 TREND #3. Dark and Decadent

Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at, said, “Those who favour the dark side may have spent 2017 luxuriating in the opulence of midnight blue and amethyst, but black is back!

“A statement colour for 2018, black is a rich and versatile shade with lots of subtle variations.  Some may be fearful of this shadowy shade but there are lots of advantages to using black in the home – it has a real cocooning effect and it’s nigh on impossible to clash with!

“Metallic highlights (especially gold) shine brightest against a black backdrop; alternatively, blonde wood or a pop of intense turquoise will provide the contrast needed to lift a black scheme.

If black feels a step too far, then charcoal grey is a great alternative.”

TREND #4. Serene Shades

Whitecroft, said, “Wellness in interiors is a key theme for 2018.  We’ll look to shades that promote calmness and wellbeing as a way of creating relaxing/rejuvenating spaces. This look is all about colour fluidity – rose pink, sage, mint green and lavender flow together in balance and harmony. It’s a great look for spring so why not incorporate some florals or add a touch of decadence with velvety pastels.”

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