Stop wasting money on spray and pray campaigns

August 2, 2017 / angela
Stop wasting money on spray and pray campaigns

After hosting two successful workshops earlier this year at the Emirates Stadium in London, the teams at Show House and WhatHouse? are taking their programmatic advertising workshops nationwide.

Join us at one of our free to attend workshops in September and gain a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising. Leave the workshop fully equipped with a roadmap to compliance and a clear direction on how you can get more from your marketing spend.

Designed to satisfy a clear demand in the market, our programmatic roadshows promise to bring our knowledge and expertise outside of the capital.

The programmatic landscape is a rapidly growing and exciting way for marketers to get a better return on their marketing investment, but where do you begin?

Nowadays, marketing is no longer centered on your brand or product. It’s about the customer and their needs. It doesn’t matter how good your offering is if you’re not delivering value to your target market.

Consumers expect marketing materials aimed at them to be helpful and highly relevant to their particular situation. Prospects tend to choose the brands that provide them with the most valuable content and communicate with them in the most personalised manner. This is where programmatic advertising is critical.

Attend one of our free to attend programmatic workshops and discover how intelligent display advertising can help you:

  • Find new relevant customers to your website
  • Optimise your ad-strategy for better performance
  • Target new audience segments
  • Show ads to website visitors who haven’t become customers yet
  • Capture visitors who nearly converted (eg they abandoned an empty cart)
  • Get a high return on marketing investment and fast results

What’s more take the opportunity to network with like-minded brand-side marketers, agencies and technology providers over lunch!


Programmatic advertising is cost effective, provides targeted messages and enhances the customer’s experience. We anticipate that these sessions will fill up quickly, so don’t delay book today or for further information drop a line to or call 020 7940 1070. We would love to see you here!

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