Construction Management

Construction Managers are responsible for the erection of buildings. Their duties extend to site planning, on-site construction works, project control and on-site decision making, management and liaison with clients, construction professionals and operatives.

Construction management includes the ability to plan, co-ordinate and monitor on-site constructions works in order to successfully manage the safe and cost effective delivery of a wide range of construction projects.

This is a vocational course providing you with the construction knowledge required for a career in construction management.

The aims of the construction management course are to enable you to:

  • gain the essential skills and knowledge of construction management, focusing on the technologies, law and management skills needed to deliver projects to professional and to quality standards.
  • develop transferable skills of teams working, independent learning and decision making and problem solving
  • be exposed to and aware of current construction management issues and influences and how these affect construction managers.
  • enhance your skills in construction projects, management of people and resources, decision making, leadership and project management skills.

Construction Management

You will study a range of modules at each level or your course:

You will start by studying:

  • Construction Technology and Materials
  • Construction Procedures and Processes
  • Site Organisation
  • Personal Skills and Professional Development
  • Pre-Contract Studies
  • Built Environment Economic and Finance

You will then move on to study:

  • Site Production
  • Construction Human Resource Management
  • Law
  • Conservation, Preservation and Conversion
  • Construction and Environmental Technology

Finally you will be studying:

  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Group Project Evaluation and Development
  • Dissertation

Construction Management

Local, regional and national companies work with us to identify the ‘world of work’ to ensure the technical and professional skills of construction management are relevant to a career in that field.

Our graduates have gone on to secure employment in contracting organisations.

If you are interested in pursuing other qualifications, completion of this degree allows you to progress onto our MSc awards.

Construction Management

The BSc (Hons) in Construction Management enables you to:

  • improve your employability by offering practical experience of construction management
  • study for a degree accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) to help you on your career progression
  • develop additional skills in terms of IT, team building, presentation skills, personal development and independent learning and problem solving.

This course is accredited by both the RICS and CIOB as follows:

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the world’s leading professional body for land, property and construction. We are in partnership with the RICS to deliver this course, which upon successful completion gives students exemption from the academic requirements of the RICS, and leads into the RICS’ Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), the precursor to professional membership (MRICS) and becoming a chartered surveyor.

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), this course is assessed as meeting the CIOB Education Framework. Prospective CIOB members holding this degree has full academic exemption and may enter CIOB membership without the requirement for an Individual Assessment.

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