The youngest fan of National Apprenticeship Week?

March 9, 2018 / Keith Osborne
The youngest fan of National Apprenticeship Week?

David Wilson Homes Southern has taken on budding truck operator Adam Blackwell as its ‘youngest apprentice’ – and possibly the youngest advocate of National Apprenticeship Week.

At only three-years-old, Adam has been invited to the Basingstoke development Gillies Meadow at various stages to ‘oversee’ the construction of plot 215, from foundation level to roof completion. To help his ‘studies’, the housebuilder will be starting Adam a story book to document all his visits to the development.

Adam’s interest in the development began when he and his mother Emma used to pass it every day, and he asked Mum to stop so he could watch the construction vehicles working.

His ‘apprenticeship’ started on his birthday last year, when he was presented with a toy digger, hard hat and high-visibility vest. He has since been invited back to see how work is moving ahead, and wears his hard hat most days on- or off-site.

Mum says: “Adam is thrilled to be part of this build. The way that David Wilson Homes have reciprocated and responded to Adam’s enthusiasm has been tremendous and we are grateful to them for giving him this opportunity. Adam has always been interested in construction vehicles from a very early age, but certainly since they broke ground at the development.”

Paul Crispin, managing director at David Wilson Homes Southern, says: “Here at David Wilson Homes we are not only committed to building quality homes, but to supporting the local community in and around where we build. Following on from Adam’s last visit, we wanted to invite him back and really give him an insight into what happens on a building site and how the homes go from foundation level to being complete.”

Crispin adds:  “We are always encouraging youngsters to consider a career in construction and we are delighted that Adam is showing an interest already and is enjoying this project with us”, while emphasising that older kids and young people generally are also invited to consider this national housebuilder as a place to start the kind of career promoted in National Apprenticeship Week.

Come to listen and talk about housebuilding careers – apprenticeship, diversity, training and leadership – at our New Homes Debate in London on Thursday 15 March 2018.

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