Make your CV stand out from the crowd

June 19, 2018 / Keith Osborne
Make your CV stand out from the crowd

Kathryn Hayter is managing director for KHA, a highly knowledgeable, values- and ethics-driven Search and Selection business specialising in the housebuilding, PRS and residential development sectors, working across disciplines including land, planning, commercial, technical, construction and sales from graduate to board level, throughout the UK.

Here Kathryn, whom we interviewed for our February supplement, gives her expert tips on how to make your CV stand out from the competition.


At the header of your CV add a testimonial – this could be from a current/past employer or maybe a character reference from a colleague. Just a short paragraph is enough to make an impact.

Tailor it

Make sure your CV is geared towards the role and company you are applying too. Read the job description (if one is provided) and ensure that you have the important points covered within your experience.

Go figure

Include figures and facts, clearly demonstrate what you have achieved in your current role – how you have added to the bottom line or managed to cut costs.

State it

Under your testimonial add a personal statement. Who are you? What makes you different? What do you want? What can you bring to the table? What’s important to you?

High achiever

For every single job (best to keep your CV up-to-date) make sure you have around five bullet points of achievements above “key responsibilities”. If you struggle to do this for every role – start with your current post.

The basics

Nothing frustrates a recruiter (externally or internally) more then the basics not being included. We like to know where you live and how we can get hold of you – it comes in handy!

Time it

I tell a lie – this one frustrates most recruiters more. Make sure your CV starts with your current role, if you are 20 years deep into your career most are not going to want to know immediately what you were doing 20 years ago – they want to know what you are doing NOW.

Personalise it

This is about YOU, make it reflect who you are, what you are about, what values you hold, what you can offer. It’s your biggest selling tool.

Interest me

Your hobbies and interests say sooooo much about who you are, regularly run triathlons? Add it. Play the Trombone? Write it down. Dress up as Elton John at the weekend? Ok, maybe leave that one off.


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