Housebuilding and me: Asem Al Bunni of Bovis Homes

January 23, 2018 / Keith Osborne
Housebuilding and me: Asem Al Bunni of Bovis Homes

We speak to Syrian-born Asem Al Bunni, who already has an impressive record for his design work and who now has an architectural role with national housebuilder Bovis Homes.

Hi Asem, why did you choose the housebuilding industry for your career?

Although I have been involved in many architectural projects from different sectors, I have always had a real passion for residential. I chose Bovis Homes as I believe there is lots of potential here for me here to play a key role in its drive for innovation and new ideas.

As architectural designer at the company, I’m delighted to be part of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) team. I am looking into the potential for us to use augmented and virtual reality to allow homebuyers to work with us and be involved in the design of their new home from a very early stage.

It’s a significant step forward in the housebuilding process that promises major benefits for our customers.

What do you hope your prospects will be?

I hope they are good! While working on my PhD at De Montfort University, I helped to create a CGI fly-through animation of the 15th-century Greyfriars Priory in Leicester, which featured the original tomb of Richard III.

I’m delighted to say that the animation is now housed at the King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester.

Similar BIM technology will be used in the future to help home buyers design their own properties, so for me it’s really exciting to be part of what could be a major advancement in the industry.

What is your long-term ambition?

To be part of a successful team that establishes Bovis Homes as the number one housebuilder in the country and continually maximises opportunities for the company to be innovative. There’s a real team ethic at Bovis Homes and it makes it a lot easier to come to work in the morning when you know everyone’s pulling in the same direction.

What do you especially like about working in the sector?

Talking generally, being employed in the housing sector means you’re playing a part in providing comfort, warmth and happiness for people – I like that. More specifically, my role at Bovis Homes allows me to develop my skills, keeps me motivated and provides different challenges every day, which is important to me.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of working in the housebuilding sector?

If you care and are passionate about working in this sector, choose a company that you believe will allow you to fulfil your potential, provides opportunities to develop your career, and cares about its customers and employees.


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