Career start for 20 new apprentices at CCG (Scotland)

September 3, 2018 / Keith Osborne
Career start for 20 new apprentices at CCG (Scotland)

CCG (Scotland), a Group of five companies including construction, housebuilding and offsite manufacturing divisions, has taken on 20 young people for its four-year trade apprenticeship programme.

The new recruits, from all over Scotland, will cover a range of trade skills: plumbing (6), bricklaying (5), joinery (5), heating engineering (2) and electrical (2). Each will benefit from one-to-one mentoring throughout their training.

Alastair Wylie, chairman and CEO of CCG, says: “CCG has been fortunate to secure a steady workstream from our current client base and irrespective of the level of economic uncertainty due to the UK’s Brexit negotiations, CCG has continued to commit to our apprenticeship scheme promoting future skills replenishment within our industry.”

The Group has 70 apprentices in all, which represents 10% of its total workforce. A proportion of these are at various stages of the industry-recognised training scheme, while others participate in other apprenticeship opportunities and trainee programmes. CCG commits to employing a minimum of 25 people across these programmes every year, in occupations as varied as administration, buying, design, estimating, health and safety, surveying and trainee site management.

As part of the WorkingRite scheme, which finds work placement 16- to  24-year-olds across Scotland, new arrival Bradley Wilkie from Darnley learned about the company’s training offering while at CCG’s  affordable housing project in Nitshill, Glasgow.

17-year-old Bradley says: “This programme will give me the skills I need to have a trade for life and I am really excited to get started. The WorkingRite programme allowed me to experience what a construction site was like and I really enjoyed the work as well as meeting lots of nice people so I must give thanks to my site manager David McMahon and all of the guys on site for their help along the way.”

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