BLOG: Express delivery?

David Walker, Head of Property at Hyperoptic, says technology is changing faster than the ability to deliver it. October 17, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
BLOG: Express delivery?

As a surveyor of some 30 years I entered the fray of the technology sector three and a half years ago. During that time the fast moving nature of the beast has proved breath-taking, with “the new app” becoming old news.

Asking what is new technology will always be received with the coffee shop wisdom of Tomorrow’s World (for those that remember that!) and depend upon your age, gender and recent exposure to the internet portal of choice – in short it’s complicated!

During a presentation to one of the more, ahem, traditional property owners the need for cables was questioned, as the questioner was convinced that 16G would surely negate the need. Having recovered my composure and presented the obvious cost benefit analysis and logarithmically aligned cost of each generation of wireless it became clear that the fast moving nature of the sector was at odds with the estate’s 50-100 year view of the world. Tackling this is not an easy one and given how quickly hardware becomes dated the view must be upon expectation from consumers and providers alike.

Established wisdom suggests that internet traffic is doubling every 12 months (although interestingly our own network sees this about every nine months); this means that buildings and developments need to be able to deliver fast and reliable internet in both wireless and hard wired formats to residents and businesses alike. In this context it is not the technology per se but the ability and means with which to deliver the connectivity that marks and distinguishes old from new.

The market has changed and the Old Guard of connectivity is not the only game in town. There are now alternatives to the copper cables designed to carry voice traffic and these should be considered and embraced. Importantly choice is also expected and this is easily procured too. The internet of things is accelerating change on all fronts and the pace is staggering.

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