BLOG: Building smarter homes

Ross Wilkins, Business Development Manager for Comelit, explains how new homes must be programmed as well as built. June 28, 2016 / Isla MacFarlane
BLOG: Building smarter homes

The vast majority of electronic items in the home are now turning smart, all being designed with the IoT (Internet of Things) and app control in mind. People now think nothing of going into their phone to change their sky channel via an app, or selecting some music to play wirelessly from their mobile device. So I think without us necessarily knowing it, technology is already embedding itself into the average home. Comelit has also designed its latest equipment around app control of its video door entry and smart home systems.


I believe that the smart home market suffers from technology fragmentation where manufacturers are using disparate technologies. This can make linking smart home devices to security systems such as door entry particularly difficult. I believe that more single manufacturers who are able to offer fully integrated systems out of the box will come into the market place.

High cost of implementation has also been a factor in consumer adoption of smart home technologies. However, as technology progresses, we are seeing a fall in pricing and new markets opening. We believe that Comelit’s Simple Home system is very competitively priced and will help more end users than ever before to have a truly smart home.


Developers are still very much installing technology on a cost/benefit analysis for their individual projects; I believe that most see the importance of integrated systems and a single controller, like our Icona Manager to integrate door entry and elements like heating and cooling, and this is currently where our biggest demand is coming from, especially in the MDU market. Another area which is becoming more prominent is that of energy monitoring and being able to have the consumption data on that same monitor.

Lighting control systems appear to still be reserved for the higher end developments, however there is more DIY equipment coming into the market place so this will inevitably also become a requirement in the future. Audio distribution seems very much still a pre-wire offering with the vast majority of developers giving the option to the end purchaser for future upgrade. All of these systems can of course be controlled via our Comelit Simple Home System.

I personally believe that home networks are the area of the utmost importance, with more and more devices being connected both wirelessly and hard wired, a stable home network will be extremely important both now and in the future.

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